Soul Pups & Phebe Edwards “Stand Up”


Soul Pups ‘Stand UP’ is the latest signing to Soundstate Recordings and what a party banger this is!

This cover of the 90’s classic by Love Tribe is performed by the amazingly talented Phebe Edwards who powers through the track like a true Soul Diva. This track has all the qualities of a summer anthem and you cant help but move to this future house classic with its memorable groove, the coolest guitars and fattest bass.

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Written by: Bullock, Waters-Brown, Mitchell, Nance, Darnell
Produced By: Marino Cicero, Jonsey & Kevin McPherson (Cafe 432)
Guitar: Stevie Paul
Bass: Yolanda Charles
Mixed by Jonsey @ Soundstate Studios (London)
Mastered by Walter Coelho @ Atlantic Blue Studios (Portugal)
Published by: Sherlock Holmes Music Ltd, Universal/MCA Music Ltd, Bocu Music Ltd

Special thanks to Simon Virciglio (Mooty) for the inspirational groove.

Soundstate Recordings 2017

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