Newman ft Stephanie Cooke “Back 2 Love”

Cat No: SSR0020

Paul Newman returns with an incredibly soulful number featuring the Queen of soulful house Stephanie Cooke. Back 2 Love is a super smooth track full of soulful goodness with its memorable lyrics delivered in the most sultry and catchy style one would expect from Stephanie. To get the club moving reach for the selection of super cool remixes by the Italian giants Antonello Ferrari and Aldo Bergamasco which includes a lovely dub to complete their remixes. Richard Earnshaw’s Classic Vocal mix delivers another late night aternative classic house mix, all of which make up another amazing production package.

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Written by: Stephanie Cooke, Paul Newman & James Perri Pollo.
Vocals: Stephanie Cooke, James Perri Polo.
Produced and arranged By: Paul Newman, James Perri Pollo, Jonsey & Kevin McPherson (Cafe 432)
Bass: Yolanda Charles
Guitar: Stevie Paul
Strings & Horns: Aaron Levy
Mixed by: Jonsey @ Soundstate Studios (London)
Mastered by: Walter Coelho @ Atlantico Blue Studios (Portugal)

Soundstate Recordings 2017 (London)

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