Cafe 432 ft Michelle Rivera

Café 432 teams up with one of New York’s hottest singer song writers Michelle Rivera for a seriously sexy number called ‘Freak’. This is a pure soulful house monster that oozes class with a song delivered flawlessly by Michelle with the naughtiest of lyrics and the catchiest hook. Café 432 deliver the tough drums, bouncing bass line with the coolest guitar grooves for a memorable soulful house track.

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Written by: Michelle Rivera, Wayne Williams, Jonsey & Kevin McPherson.
Produced by: Jonsey & Kevin McPherson for Café 432 Productions.
Lyrics, vocal arrangement & performed by: Michelle Rivera,
Vocals Recorded by: Michelle Rivera @ Butterfly Studios (NYC).
Guitarist: Stevie Paul
Recorded & Mixed @ Soundstate Studios (London)
Mastered by: Walter Coehlo @ Atlantica Blue Studios (Portugal)
Published by: Mosaic Butterfly Music / Copyright Control
© Soundstate Recordings (London 2018)

Soundstate Recordings 2018

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  1. Another “Banger” from Cafe 432 and Soundstate. Quality production with catchy lyrics – a definite floor filler!

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