Soundstate Records kicked off in 2002 in vinyl format only with the 1st release being Federal Hill “I have something for you”, licensed from the New York based Suburban label and shortly after one of the earlier labels to embrace Mp3 sales via the all new traxsource website. The transition of sales from Vinyl to Mp3 was a slow and not very profitable at the time, the label managed approximately 6 releases before calling it a day. Soundstate studios however continued trading and slowly the profile of the studio increased and so did the work load with many artists and producers passing though for mix and recording services. In 2014, Cafe 432 started production through Soundstate Studios with a string of quality soulful house cuts and the Soundstate Label was reborn. In no time, many world-class DJs started supporting the releases and helped establish Soundstate recordings as a serious contender in the house music scene.