Cafe 432 ft Lifford “Meant To Be” Bump MIx

A much loved Cafe 432 release with the soulful sound of Lifford ‘Meant to Be’ reworked into a nice club vibe with deeper sound and bumpy groove. This will get them bopping in front of the DJ no doubt with a full on vocal delivered perfectly.

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Written by: Lifford Shillingford, Jonsey, Kevin McPherson
Vocals: Lifford Shillingford.
Produced and arranged By Jonsey & Kevin McPherson (Cafe 432)
Mixed by: Cafe 432 @ Soundstate Studios (London)
Mastered by: Walter Coelho @ Atlantico Blue Studios (Portugal)

Soundstate Recordings 2018 (London)

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  1. This is an excellent track with a great vibe to it topped with the sensational vocals of Lifford. Huge support here.

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