Cafe 432 ft Arnold Jarvis “From Above”


This is the first release for Cafe 432 in 2018 and it can’t get any better than this! Teaming up with legendary vocalist Arnold Jarvis for what can only be a huge club anthem this summer. Arnold needs no introduction with countless house classics under his belt since the 90’s and with his distinctive voice this is the icing on the cake for this collaboration called ‘From Above’. This track has meaningful vocals that grab your soul and take you on a musical journey of real house music, filtered pianos and a driving base line.

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Written by: Arnold Jarvis, Jonsey & Kevin McPherson
Produced By: Jonsey & Kevin McPherson for Cafe 432 Productions.
Vocals by: Arnold Jarvis Mixed at Soundstate Studios London
Mastered by Walter Cohelo at Atlantica Blue Studios Portugal

Soundstate Recordings 2018

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